Submit log files to Helio support

Learn how to submit the log files from your desktop client to the Helio support, so the engineers can analyze an issue better.

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Sending log files


To analyze and "debug" an error in our platform and application, it's important for us to get log files of your setup. The log file contains detailed information about the rendering process and can help support staff diagnose and resolve issues more quickly.

Providing a log file can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Helio support and development process.


You can send us the files with the following steps:

  1. Open the Helio desktop client.

  2. Navigate to "Help"

  3. Troubleshooting

  4. Logs

  5. Open Folder.

  6. Create a .zip file of the folder and send it to [email protected] or directly in the Support chat.


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