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Helio Security Information
Helio Security Information

This document contains security information on the software Helio Cloud Rendering Desktop Client.

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The software can be downloaded from here:

It includes a self-update mechanism that will update the necessary components in-place. Furthermore, in rare occasions the software has to be updated manually through downloading a new version of the installer.


The following binaries are executed to run Helio Cloud Rendering Desktop Client.

Helio Render Client.exe

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\helio-render-platform\Helio Render Client.exe

The main binary that will run, this could appear multiple times in your task list since it’s used to do background jobs such as syncing as well.



A binary called from helio-render-client.exe that takes care of syncing files from and to the Helio Cloud Rendering storage.

Communication & Networking

The Helio Cloud Rendering Desktop Client communicates with the following web services.




Inbound / Outbound





User Interface




Rest API




Authentication (OAuth2/OIDC)






Data Storage

Helio Cloud Rendering stores the following data.

Project Files

After submitting render jobs to Helio Cloud Rendering, we store a copy of your project in our cloud storage. This copy is completely isolated from other customers and the public and can’t be viewed by anyone except selected Helio employees on a need-to-know basis and the user themselves.

Render Results

The results of your renderings are stored in our cloud storage as well, so they can be downloaded by the users from anywhere at any time. This copy is completely isolated from other customers and the public and can’t be viewed by anyone except Helio employees and yourself.

User Data

We store our users Email Address and First/Lastname. They are stored in a secure authentication software and only used for communication and authentication/authorisation of the user. Furthermore, we don’t store any billing information such as credit card on our platform.

You can find more details as well as the external tools used in our Privacy Policy:

Render Metadata

For maintenance, support and quality assurance purposes, Helio stores some Metadata of the renderings performed. These include log outputs, render settings, support requests and the email address of the user that submitted the rendering. This data is securely stored in Helio’s internal cloud infrastructure and accessible only to Helio employees on a need-to-know basis. Some of the metadata (such as support chat communication) are stored on third-party services but only accessible to Helio employees, again on a need-to-know basis.

Data Deletion

Project files and render results will be deleted automatically after a reasonable period of time. The user also has the option to delete the data immediately through our Helio Cloud Rendering Desktop Client or via Support Request. User Data can be removed upon request as well.

Render Metadata cannot be deleted due to its the necessity to our business logic.

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