Adding Your First Project

Step-by-step guide on how to add your first project to Helio and be ready to start your rendering.

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Are you ready to embark on your rendering journey with Helio?

Start by confirming your email and logging into the Helio client using your credentials. Once your email is verified, you'll gain access to your personalized dashboard, making it easy to manage all your rendering projects effortlessly.

Prepare Your Project Assets

Before adding your project to Helio, ensure all the necessary assets and files required for rendering are gathered in a single, organized folder. This includes textures, models, animations, and any other elements related to your project. A well-structured folder will streamline the process and ensure a smooth rendering experience.

Click "Add Project"

Once on your Helio dashboard, locate the "Add Project" button to initiate the process of integrating your project into the Helio rendering platform.

Select your Render Engine Version

Specify the Render Engine version you'll be using for your project. Helio supports various versions, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for users. Additionally, you can view the list of supported plugins for the combination you've chosen. Please reach out if we do not support your render engine version.

Provide a Name for Your Project

Give your project a unique identity by providing it with a descriptive and memorable name that reflects its essence. A well-chosen project name will help you easily identify and manage your renders in the future.

Set the Path to Your Project Folder

Navigate to the folder where you've gathered all your project assets and specify the path. This allows Helio to access and sync the required files to its cloud storage, preparing them for rendering.

Optionally: Add Exclude Rules

For finer control over your project, Helio offers an optional exclude rule feature. With this functionality, you can prevent specific files from being synced to the cloud. This ensures that only relevant files are processed, saving you time and optimizing the rendering process.

Review Your Project Details and Confirm

Before finalizing the setup, take a moment to review all the details you've provided. Ensure that everything is accurate and to your satisfaction. Once you've double-checked everything, click the "Add Project" button to initiate the file synchronization process. Your project assets will be securely transferred to Helio's cloud storage, preparing them for rendering.

Congratulations! You've successfully added your first project to the Helio rendering platform. The project folder files are now automatically synced with Helio, and you can continue working on your project and Helio automatically syncs all of your changes.

Ready to submit your first rendering?!

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