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Download of the results doesn't work
Download of the results doesn't work

The rendering has the status successful, but I can't download any files.

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There are multiple reasons, why you can't download the results of your rendering.

Pulze Scene Manager

If you rendered your scene via Pulze, the following reasons could have caused the download issues.

No output path

There is no output path defined in Scene Manager and the render settings:

Resolution: Set the path where you like to save your result files.

Output path defined but not available

Your output path (e.g. your network storage) is defined in the scene, but is currently not available. Usually, this happens when users e.g. the local network storage is not available, or you switch from your office workstation to another PC where you have a different filesystem structure/paths.

Resolution: Use the download-to function or switch to the right machine.

Helio "direct" user

Can't download the results

If you render your scene via Helio, you might not set an output path, or you switched your machine, so the output path is not available on this machine.

Resolution: Set the right output path in the project settings.

Workaround: Use the "download-to" button to download the results quickly.

Pro tip: Filetransfer status

Go to the filestransfer (download/upload) feature and check the current download and potential issues:

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