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Where can I report bugs and errors?
Where can I report bugs and errors?
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If you encounter a bug or error while using Helio, it's important to report it to the team so they can work on fixing the issue. Here are the steps you can take to report bugs and errors with Helio:

  1. Report via chat or email: If you come across a bug or error, you can report it to the Helio team via chat or email. This allows the team to address the issue and provide you with a solution quickly.

  2. Provide screenshots: When reporting a bug or error, providing screenshots can help the team understand the problem better. Screenshots can show the exact error message or issue you're experiencing, making it easier for the team to find a fix.

  3. Schedule a video call with the team: If the issue is complex or difficult to explain, you can schedule a video call with the Helio team. This allows you to discuss the problem in more detail, and the team can ask questions to help identify the root cause of the issue.

  4. Export debug data in the client: If the Helio team needs more information to troubleshoot the issue, you can export debug data in the client. This data provides detailed information about the bug or error, which can help the team find a solution quickly.

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