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Using the 3ds Max Plugin
Using the 3ds Max Plugin

Submitting and using the 3ds Max Plugin.

Written by Alex Murray
Updated over a week ago

The Helio 3ds Max plugin is a tool for exporting renders from 3ds Max to the Helio Client natively in 3ds Max.

The plugin is accessed from the `Helio` category of the 3ds Max main toolbar.

The main tool is the `Render Submitter` tool. This tool is used to submit renders to the Helio Client.

Clicking the `Render Submitter` button will open the `Render Submitter` dialog box.

The `Render Submitter` will automatically detect the current scene setting and fill in all the settings for you.

These settings are:

  • Project Name

  • Render output path and file extension

  • Project export folder

  • Scene information like file open time and previous render time if available.

  • Camera selection information.

  • Frame range information (single or Animation).

  • Render resolution (with available presets).

All these settings can be changed to suit your needs and do not have to be the same as the current scene settings.

Submitting a render

To submit a render to the Helio Client, simply click the `Submit to Helio` button. This will bring up the Helio Client to validate the render settings and get render estimates for cost from the Helio Client.

Now you can submit the render and view all the information about the render in the Helio Client or continue back to 3ds Max and make iterations to the render settings and submit again.

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