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How can I save money with standalone rendering?
How can I save money with standalone rendering?
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Using V-Ray or Corona standalone engines on Helio Cloud can significantly reduce render times and save costs.

Export scenes (.vrscene / .cdo)

By exporting your scene as a .vrscene or .cdo file and selecting the corresponding “standalone” engine in the Helio Render Client, you can take advantage of the standalone rendering capabilities of Helio, which split the rendering process across multiple high-performance cloud servers.

Why is it cheaper?

First, we need to learn what is included in a render unit.

During the rendering process, Helio will do the following steps:

  1. Sourcing and scaling of computing power

  2. Starting the servers

  3. Loading the data

  4. Loading the scene

  5. Rendering

  6. Storing the results

The benefit of standalone tools is:

  • We can source cheaper computing resources, as standalone renderings are running on Linux instead of Windows Server.

  • The amount of data is usually reduced, so the data load faster

  • Starting standalone tools and loading the scene is usually much faster as e.g. starting 3ds max.

How can I render standalone?

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