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What is a render unit? How fast is a render unit?
What is a render unit? How fast is a render unit?

Learn more about render units, what is included and what you can render with one unit.

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With one rendering unit, you get the CPU power of 89000 k/sample for one minute.

The price per minute is 0.10$ and covers all costs.

💡 If one still image renders for one hour (60’), it will cost you 60 render units = 6$.

What is included in the render unit?

Helio Managed service

The managed service for our cloud rendering platform includes:

  • Software version updates.

  • The Helio platform for highly scalable cloud resources with one click.

  • Support.

  • SLA (Service level agreements).

3d-party licensing

  • Software licensing costs for the render engines and plugins.

  • Windows Server licensing costs for data center grade hardware.

Computing power

  • CPU/GPU power

  • Memory / RAM

  • Storage

  • Networking/data transfer costs

How fast is a render unit?

Helio is committed to rendering your scenes with data center-grade, high-performance, and sustainable servers. (Compared to other services that usually use older desktop hardware to render your scenes, which are drastically slower).

This allows us to scale your projects to 10000s of servers at the same time and drastically reduce render time.

The speed of different services and your on-premise hardware is complex to compare. Therefore, we use industry-standard benchmarking tools like V-Ray Benchmark to compare the speed. Quick note: our servers are usually in the top 5 of the fastest CPUs ;-)

What is a k/sample?

The score for the CPU is called "k/sample" and can be used to compare how fast a CPU can render your scene linearly.

Do you upgrade the hardware?

As CPUs are getting faster and new, cheaper offerings constantly come to the market, and we update the k/sample value each quarter. This means the render power is expected to increase over time: Thanks to Helio's cloud rendering, you always get the best value for your money without investing in new, expensive hardware.

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