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Do I need a subscription to render?
Do I need a subscription to render?

No subscription is needed. Learn more about the options.

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Our usage-based model allows you to benefit from our platform without buying a subscription or without having to top-up your account in advance.

You can render, and the consumption will be invoiced monthly and charged to your credit card or other payment method like Google Pay.

With real-time cost updates and estimations, you have full control over your rendering spend.

Yearly commitment (CUDs)

Committed use discounts (CUDs) for your predictable rendering spend help you cut costs on needed resources. You can purchase and renew committed use contracts in return for discounted prices. Example commitment:

  • 200'000 Render Units

  • 20'000 USD

  • Discount: 5% (1000 USD)

You can use the render units flexibly over the whole year (e.g., use everything in April) and pay it on an agreed billing cycle (yearly, quarterly, monthly). Spoiler: Yearly pre-payment will provide additional benefits.

You can optimize your cashflow and margins with yearly commitments.

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